Democracy for America announces Bernie Sanders endorsement: Will this have a negative impact on Hillary Clinton's campaign strength?

  • Hillary is done

    With strong support from large democratic groups, Bernie Sanders will make Hillary Clinton look like a loser and an unappealing candidate. Most people do not do their own research, but instead listen to the political groups they affiliate with. As Bernie gains support, Hillary will lose support and her campaign will implode.

  • Hopefully It Does

    Personally, I've been feeling the Bern for a while now, so I'm glad to see Democrats throwing their support behind him. Hillary would not make for an effective president in the slightest bit. I'm all for a female president, as long as it isn't her. So hopefully her campaign suffers a lot from this lot of support for Bernie.

  • Bernie for President

    He has stood for what is right consistently. Hilary doesn't seem to stand for anything except Censorship. I would love for a women president but voting for someone who is unqualified by that reason alone would be irresponsible. Bernie has shown that he has a understanding of what it is like for the common American and can sympathize with the day to day problems we all face as Americans.

  • Bernie for President

    I really, truly hope that Democracy for America choosing to endorse Bernie Sanders will have a negative impact on Hillary Clinton's campaign strength. Bernie Sanders is precisely what this country needs, in every way, shape, and form, while Hillary Clinton becoming president would only bring more lies, secrecy, and wars.

  • Hillary Clinton already has negative rumors about her that continuously harm her image.

    Although Hillary Clinton is ahead of Bernie Sanders in the polls, there are some facts about her reputation that can't go unnoticed. For example, there is plenty of evidence supporting the fact that she's a liar. She's also the most disliked Democratic candidate when it comes to the opinions of Republicans. Most Republicans would rather have Sanders as president instead of Clinton.

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