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  • Free speech and democracy.

    It is my understanding that free speech and democracy tend to go hand in hand. Why not have both? We should be allowed to enjoy freedom and have the right to freedomly speak about whatever we want. Expressing ourselves is a way to let our creativity flow and find people who feel the same way.

  • No, free speech trumps all.

    No, democracy does not trump free speech, because without free speech there is no democracy. In order to truly have a free democratic process, a person much be free to say what they think. That is why the founding fathers made free speech the first Amendment. Without free speech there cannot be the other. Free speech depends on democracy.

  • No, free speech is important.

    No, free speech is important. Without free speech, there can be no real democracy. Free of speech is based on the desire of the people. Without freedom of speech, civil right wouldn't have come about. Things would have been still segregated and such. So democracy wouldn't actually be without the freedom of speech.

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