Democratic Debate in Flint, MI: Can Bernie Sanders persuade enough voters to defeat Hilary Clinton?

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders can persuade enough voters to defeat Hillary Clinton.

    Yes, Bernie Sanders can persuade enough voters to defeat Hillary Clinton because Clinton is already viewed as untrustworthy by many Americans because of her email scandal. Clinton is viewed by many as the prototype politician of all that is wrong with our government leaders. Clinton's biggest donors are big banks and Sanders can continue to attack Clinton on this and in the process persuade voters to vote for him.

  • The Youth Vote

    If you look on any social media, Sanders has a huge following from a lot of today's young voters. They support him very heavily. As he offers aid with public colleges and free health care, those growing up in a dying economy hear him loud and clear. However, even though he has a large following, a majority of that following are busy with school and jobs with very little time to vote. He will have to grab the support of those who have time to vote if he wants to beat Clinton.

  • Sanders to Trump Clinton

    It is my strongest hope that Bernie Sanders can rally enough voters to defeat Clinton in MI. Though a registered Republican, my greatest fear for this election is seeing Trump and Clinton as the final two candidates. I would prefer to vote democrat and go with Sanders than to have to vote for either Hilary or Trump!

  • Sanders faces an uphill fight against Clinton

    Bernie Sanders faces an uphill fight in his battle against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. The latest debate showed her strength, and Sanders seemed unprepared for certain lines of attack. Although he has appeal as a candidate, he is facing off against a well-oiled machine that has the money and organization.

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