Democratic debate on gun control: Was Bernie Sanders disrespectful to Hillary Clinton?

  • Bernie Saunders shouted at Clinton during the debate on gun control

    Actually, both sides got into a shouting match. Saunders is from a rural setting, and claims to take a more traditional view on gun control because hunting is a way of life for many people in the state he is from. Should there be more gun control? The issue is divided in the US. Yet. the legislation is outdated. Saunders insists that gender has nothing to do with his shouting match with Clinton. They disagree on many issues, such as gay rights, to begin with. Saunders should take an honest approach and debate the issues in a rational manner, without resorting to shouting. Both parties have important points to make. Saunders should just say what is on his mind.

  • No Disrespect to Hillary

    Bernie Sanders was not at all disrespectful to Hillary Clinton. These debates are about getting opinions or and sometimes they are strong pinions. Bernie was not disrespectful but instead was just passionately getting his point across in an important debate setting that could greatly affect whether he wins or not.

  • Bernie Sanders was not disrespectful to Hilary Clinton when speaking about gun control

    While Bernie Sanders was bold and honest while speaking about gun control, I do not feel that he disrespected Hilary Clinton. Political elections are about gaining as much ground on your opponent as you can, and about delivering supportive arguments to deliver yourself as the best candidate. While Bernie Sander's comments were not kind or friendly, they were honest an accurate, and therefore I do not believe that they were disrespectful.

  • Insensitive, Maybe. Disrespectful, No

    Although Bernie Sanders could have been more sensitive, given the context of addressing a woman and the likelihood that his remarks could be seen as being disrespectful, I don't believe that he was being disrespectful. His words, "excuse me, I'm talking," and his tone of voice, definitely portrayed frustration at being interrupted, but I don't think it's nearly as insidious as him talking her down because she's a woman. It was definitely far from something that communicated, "let the men talk now." I think it was a momentary lapse of good decorum, but wasn't gender-driven.

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