Democratic peace theory: Do democracies fight non-democracies, and is this OK?

  • Yes, it is ok

    People in many countries are suffering either because of dictatorship or military rule. They cannot enjoy life and are forced by the ruler/the ruling party to accept some rules and decisions. I agree that fighting non democracies is ok as far as nobody is hurt and the democratic country has a plan to follow to execute democracy in a non democratic country.

  • Democracies vs. Non-Democracies

    Democracies do fight non-democracies and this is ok to a certain extent as long as no one is hurt and people are not forced out of a way of life that they are comfortable and was passed down generations. For instance, its ok for our democratic country to fight one such as North Korea where many people could benefit from a Democratic country.

  • No, democracies should mind their own business.

    A country has a government to choose whats best for their country. It shouldn't have America to choose whats best for them and force it on them. Obviously, if the current government is bad, it should change, but not be changed by democracies. Whenever there is a bad government, people rebel, but now America attacks and forces democracy on them. This is not fair. Leave countries alone. And if you want the government to change, stop selling bad dictators weapons.

  • No, democracies should not interfere.

    No, it is not OK that democracies fight non-democracies, because democracies should be non-interventionist. If a country is peaceful and prosperous, there is no reason for a country to interfere. It is true that democracy is a superior political theory in many ways, but it is also true that a stable country is a good thing, and there is no reason for change, just to have democracy.

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