Democratic re-unification of Korea: Does the tyranny of North Korea's regime deprive it of its right to exist?

  • Yes, if it is possible to destroy it.

    From what we all understand, pretty much everyone in North Korea is miserable and oppressed. If that is true, then its regime has no right to exist and a democratic reunification would be doing a great service to all of its people in the north as well as in the south.

  • No, the tyranny of North Korea's regime does not deprive it of its right to exist.

    No, North Korea is keeping to itself and I think we should let them keep it that way. If there were a simple way to create a better life for the North Korean people I would be very supportive of dissolving North Korea into South Korea and make one united Korea. Unfortunately, it will take a long time for North Korea to even extricate itself from the insanity of its leader and that is the first step toward getting the people of North Korea the help they deserve. The North Koreans are not to blame for the actions of the military and its dictator.

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