Democrats embrace $15-an-hour minimum wage: Does the minimum wage need to increase dramatically?

  • Minimum Wage Needs To Increase

    The minimum wage has not kept pace with the rate of inflation since the 1970's. In that regard, American workers have not had a raise for 40 years. An increase in the minimum wage would give many Americans more spending power, and would thus, be a benefit for economy overall.

  • It really does

    The minimum wage in this country is so minuscule it puts woman and children at risk. There is a segment of the population who are forced to rely on quick access jobs that pay a small amount, which unfortunately is barely enough to live on. Many are choosing between buying food, rent or the utilities. We can do much better by giving respectability to everyone who works.

  • Yes, wages must go up

    This is unfortunate for the businesses, but it is a necessary change, if we are to transform the society we live in. It is most definitely not a change-this-one-thing-and-the-we-are-perfect sort of ordeal, however. It would only be a temporary measure until we, as a society, find a way to change the way in which our businesses work.

  • Minimum wage isn't the problem.

    Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is not going to solve our country's economic problems. Instead, I believe that it will make bigger problems. If employers have to pay minimally skilled and educated employees such a high wage, they will simply hire less employees, or even go out of business.

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