Democrats get "clobbered" in midterms: Is a democratic president going to be elected in the next presidential election?

  • it really depends

    It really depends on next year's elections. If the Republicans self
    destruct due to the rift between moderates and the Tea Party, then the
    Democrats can possibly take back the House. Then the President can push
    through a lot of legislation that the Democrats have wanted for the
    past five years. If those laws and programs are as successful as they
    hoped, they will retain the White House in 2016.

  • Hilary can't lose to a republican

    The republican party is controlled by the Radical Tea Party right now, and the radical right keeps pushing away the independent voters. The republicans are too busy dealing with their own internal problems to be a threat to Hilary who is loved by both the Liberals and Independents. The republicans also have no real candidate that can stand up to Hilary.

  • Yes it is very possible

    It is very possible that another Democrat president will be elected in the election of 2016. Democrats are very much more likely to come in these presidential elections. Compared to that of the midterms where norm democrat blocks are less likely to come out in vote in these elections but, in a presidental election.

  • Not many peoiple vote in the midterms

    That is why Democrats have such a hard time taking control of the house and senate. That and all the gerrymandering that goes on by the party in control. People who vote in the midterms are the more hardcore voter. The people that vote usually favor Republicans. Presidential elections bring more of the moderate voters out and that usually favors the Democrats side. Democrats have won 5 of the last 6 popular votes in presidential elections.

  • Democrats Will Win

    I do not believe a Republican will be elected as the next American president. The Republican party has been loosing steam and is looked down upon by the majority of the population, those that have no money. They've done a terrible job of selecting politicians to run and I think that problem will follow then into the next election.

  • I doubt it

    Normally, midterm polls are Republican sides, but not to this extreme. I for one think that the nation is tired of a Democratic president continuing to run us into the ground, just like his predecessor (who happened to be a Republican). The Republican party is growing quickly, so with the results of the midterms being the way they are and the growing association with the Republican Party in society, I think that it's doubtful that a Democrat will be elected.

    However, it depends on the candidates, not the parties. Remember George Washington's farewell address warning of political parties? This is the issue. One side won't even look at the other side's candidate out of tribalism and fanatic loyalty to one party or the other. Hell, third party candidates aren't even considered, even though they may very well represent an individual's views more than either party. The system is disgusting.

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