Democrats Using Minorities to break up republican districts

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  • HUD/ Democrats place Minorities in Republican districts

    Lookingattheissues new subject....Democrats Using Minorities to break up republican districts posted on DEBATE.Org AUGUST 9Th. 2015
    Obama and the democrats are using HUD/ Minority housing, to break up republican districts to dilute the republicans vote thereby getting more democrats elected to office. In a article wrote in "THE AMERICAN THINKER," June 11Th. 2015 By Ed Lasky ,titled,"Obama's diversity push coming to neighborhoods by you." earlier,2014," Last September,....He..... Wrote The Plot to Create a Permanent Democratic Majority outlining steps Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats were taking to, among other things, control the House..." When Obama talked about change,what he meant by change was to change the outcome of America's elections so as to lock in fellow democrats in office and lock out the republicans through the use of HUD Housing, relocating Low-housing in districts that were formally republican voter strong holds.
    In the guise of being the party which protects minorities, the democrat party in reality is willing to use minorities in order to protect and assure fellow democrat members their jobs in Washington.

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