• Democrat... Because they are the best of the worst

    Yeah! Republicans believe in less government intervention... Except gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia, adoption, church and state, ethnic minorities (and so much more!).

    You cant forget the "**** you its mine!" mentality republicans believe will create a utopia. I am not saying Democrats are better either. Their ideas are not bad but their execution (and maybe the ideas themselves) are not the way a country should be run or how it should take care of the poor. I only vote democrats NOT because I think they are superior, but its you either have a far-right government or a center-right government. In my opinion both parties are both equally horrible in their own right and this country (with the path its taking) is guaranteeing us nothing but one hell of a roller coaster.

  • Let's Help the Poor

    Our Fathers that freed us from the rule of England, made us a government. It would be wrong to have little or no government.

    Also, since every strong "Empire" has always fallen, we should try to prevent that by becoming richer.
    And of course to become richer, we need to help the poor.

  • The Party of Logic and Ideas

    Government's chief role should be to defend its people, and the great question of our time is what that means. The Democratic Party has the best platform in which to defend our economy and our freedoms.
    The Democratic Party is the party that defends us from powerful companies who are solely attracted to profits, rather than the welfare of average people. The democrats think there should be health care for everyone, a decent wage for everyone, help for those on the bottom, and rules for those on the top. We think that a regulated economy is a free economy because everyone has an equal playing field to live their lives
    The Republicans like to talk about how they defend freedom, but it"s really the democrats. The small government republicans like to tell you who to love, what god to fear, and that your rights are a necessary cost for your security. Democrats don't believe that, We think you can choose who to love, choose what to write, and who to protest without fear of retribution.
    The political system has its flaws, but voting democratic is a much better alternative than voting for a hypocritical, wing of the rich party who governs by crisis and doesn't care about us, because if you don't care for the weakest amongst us, you don't care for anyone

  • Republicans Get Too Caught Up In Personal Views

    I think republicans are fiscally responsible however, my problem with republicans or majority of them I should say, is they seem to focus on the wrong issues. They believe in less government but you always see them out against gays, abortion, church, etc. Whatever happened to separation of church and state because a lot of their talking points are personal views that have nothing to do with how they would run their state or country. Regardless of how a person view gays it has nothing to do with you and the same goes for abortion. That's a private, personal matter that doesn't involve anyone unless you are planning on raising the kid for the next 18 years. They're against teaching sex ed in schools or distribution of birth control because it's against their religion or beliefs. Again, this has nothing to do with how you will do your job in office and are all personal views on the subject but yet this is always the main focus of their speeches.

  • They both leave our country deadlocked and hateful,

    But that said, democrats are right about a lot of things. First off we need more taxes to find school and public services. That's the only way for our economy to flow. Personal greed is causing children to sit in broken down establishments being taught pointless memorization at the hands of an ancient gym teacher. Secondly, abhortion and gay rights and equal rights are all extremely important things that democrats were the first to support. Gun control also matters, and while I believe I should be able to own and maintain guns if I choose, I wouldn't mind a background check to make sure I'm worthy of that responsibility. Democrats are simply more rational and more equal. But that said, I think political parties are a detriment to sociaty and they're getting in the way of our nations progress.

  • Neither - I'm independet

    In my opinion, politicians spend too much time arguing with each other about this, and they never get anything done. Besides, in this democracy, the president should be a representative for the whole country, not just a certain group of people. And nowadays, people ignore politicians' ideas and vote by their party.

  • The Republican Party

    Reps believe in less government and that the government shouldn't control someone's life. There have been many times in history when government has become too powerful and has evolved into something bad, which is not what we want. Also, Reps want less taxes. Who wants to pay more taxes? Do you?

  • Liberals ruin everything they touch!

    Liberals have nothing but propaganda and rhetoric. When someone actually conveys their ideas using straight talk, you realize what they actually are. Government is for our protection and well being, not to tell us how to live our lives. Also they always need a crisis to arise in order to be able to "help". And if there isn't one, they will create one so that people will flock to them. They are racist and corrupt.

  • Spending Santa Claus

    While Liberals have right ideas when it comes to social issues they have no idea whatsoever about how to fiscally run a country. If everything was as picturesque as Liberals would like to believe then there plans would work fine. However because things aren't as perfect as they would like they become over involved in the average persons life. Becoming the large and intrusive big brother that tries to be good but at the end of the day doesn't understand how the world works.

  • They actually have economics in their policies.

    Republicans, whether on accident of on purpose, incorporate real economics into their policies. They believe in lower taxes, less regulation, and the free market. They let supply and demand determine prices; thus, there are no government sponsored bubbles in the economy. A republican is what this country needs to get out of hard times and to reach maximum prosperity in the good times.

  • Title is repetitive.

    I am too strongly against Liberal philosophy to want one in office. I may not like everyone in the Republican party, but I believe in their philosophy. The only thing worse than a good thing that fails is a bad thing that doesn't... Although I'm pretty sure Democrats would fail more than Republicans would.

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vekoma123 says2014-04-27T22:22:31.393
I'm a moderate. What do I do?
Tyler5362 says2014-04-28T00:02:59.567
I am a moderate too... I am not too pro choice or pro life. I am right in the middle...
yetifivepecks says2014-04-28T00:12:23.153
I hate both major political parties. I want them abolished. What we need is a system of equality that levels the playing field, allowing people to run as individuals, regardless of affluence.
Tyler5362 says2014-04-28T00:15:49.087
I am with yetifivepecks!!!
Tyler5362 says2014-04-28T03:17:10.780
Republicans suck. They are greedy assholes