Denmark - World's Friendliest Country And People

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  • Danish People Helped My Car

    Let me tell you a short story that will convince you that Danish people are nice and friendly. So I was in the arctic region o northern Sweden with my Danish friends to go fishing. The car we rented was an American made Jeep made for off road and icy surfaces. So we got to the fishing lake and I parked my car outside. I caught some fish but they weren't very big. I am still envious of the fish that my friend caught that was almost 3 times heavier than mine. He was probably cheating using a special kind of lure or expensive bait intended for master fishermen. We are amateurs so I am still a little bit annoyed about that. People should stay within their skill group you know? I am a person with superior intelligence so I would know. Anyway the car wouldn't start because it was too cold. So I went to the cabin where the fishermen hang out and I asked around for help. The first guy I asked immediately offered to help me out. He was able to unfreeze some thing within the car's engine. It turned out he was a Danish man. That is why Danes are very respectful and friendly people.

  • Actually to Danes who they see as having worth, they are

    To the ones who they don't see as having worth, to non-whites, to tomboys, to autistic people, they are outright mean and judgmental to them. Some of the most racist people are in Denmark. They're the most openly racist people.

    Danish racists are worse than the Nazis in my opinion. WAY WORSE :)

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