• Dennis Quaid was out of line

    I think Dennis Quaid was out of line to behave like that on the set of his move. The only person acting unprofessionally was actually him. Maybe he is using again. I think he had temper issues before and I think he should get his act toghether if he wants to be taken seriously.

  • Yes he was out of line.

    Accidents happen everywhere and having a techie wander into a shot isn't the worst thing that could happen. Quaid can't control anyone's behavior except his own and that little temper tantrum makes him seem really unlikeable. He needs to remember he depends on the public liking him to make his living. Some reporters are saying it's a prank but if it is, it's a tacky one.

  • Another Non Issue Stirred Up By the Media

    Another celebrity explosion caught on tape. The media knows just what the public wants. When are we as a society going to hold the media to hire standard of reporting? There is no information about why this happened. Which conveniently leaves people to speculate why he exploded like this. He is on set and could be working with someone that should not be there. Another sensationalized story with very little facts. Dennis is a veteran and an experienced actor, I am sure there is a reason behind this outburst that you won't hear about from the media.

  • Dennis Quaid's actions were completely rational

    Dennis Quaid is a professional actor and he is not used to the sort of ridiculous things that went on in that set. He felt disrespected by the actions of the people on the set which warranted him to lash out at them. Also, he did not think he would be secretly recorded to be put on youtube so it wasn't really public humiliation of the people he was lashing out to.

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