Denver gives the green light to marijuana in bars: Will this lead to an increase in drugged driving?

  • Denver playing Russian roulette with public safety: Mile High gives restaurants and bars the OK to consider allowing social marijuana

    Research indicates that marijuana use affects an individual's judgment and reaction time. Now, imagine mixing booze with marijuana. Approving the use of "social" marijuana in Denver restaurants and bars will enable users to not only drink, but drink, get high and then drive while out on the town.

    It's a slippery slope and one that I do not want to be on when someone decides to imbibe, get high and then get behind the wheel.

  • Haha haha yes.

    Ok so alcohol is legal, then illegal, then legal again in America with age restraints. Cigarettes are legal, then legal with age restraints, then illegal in doors in businesses, and now weed is legal inside bars. Can we discuss unwanted contact highs? The irresponsible use of weed and alcohol on their own, but combined? Yeah that'll be great. Yes we will see more drugged driving. Alcohol inhibits the inhibitors in your brains. So basically those neurons that fire off to say "hey, don't do that. Don't drive while drunk or high" stop working and are inhibited while drinking. Pot has effects on the brain already, but combine the two and you don't have much option besides more people making worse decisions. Like driving under the influence

  • Yes, legal marijuana in bars will increase rates of driving while high.

    Yes, Denver's legalization of marijuana use in bars will result in more drivers under the influence of drugs. The effects of marijuana last longer and are harder to measure than the effects of alcohol. More people will use marijuana if it is legal, leading to a proportionate increase of drugged drivers.

  • I believe there will be more drugged driving with the legalization of marijuana in bars.

    Opening up marijuana use in bars as a recreational activity will definitely increase cases of drugged driving. Easy accessibility leads to more recreational use and driving. This country still suffers from drunk driving regardless of laws prohibiting it. Now we are opening the gambit by including marijuana to the mix.

  • It brings it to the public.

    Any time that people are allowed to partake in use of substances in a public place, there will be more drugged driving incidents. These people will want to get home after they smoke at a bar. They will try to avoid cab fare and leaving their vehicles behind, so there will be more drugged driving.

  • An increase is unlikely

    Seems unlikely that a few venues allowing cannabis consumption will change the well-established overall profile of responsible cannabis consumption in Denver. If anything the number of drugged drivers will go down because people smoking some weed at one of these establishments may wait an hour or two to get behind the wheel.

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