Denying climate change is not equivalent to being a flat earther

  • Here are the facts

    Climate change and global warming are sort of the same thing, As they work together. Over a very long period of time, The earth warms and cools. This causes climates to change. It's been doing this for millions of years. Polar ice caps melt, Then refreeze every 1000 years or more. No one knows the exact times, But this happens so slowly that is does not affect human/animal life. We adapt to it through generations of life. We are a product of the environment, Not the other way around. We cannot change it, No matter what you do. Just live with it.

  • They’re not the same or equivalent

    The flat earth nonsense came from the Koran there are multiple passages that claim the earth is flat where as climate change being an issue, We’ve seen no evidence from the 97% of scientist that claim it’s happening nor have they been able to prove their credibility after failed predictions going back to the 1960’s which none of them have come true. They’ve even misrepresented the skeptics claim on the official government report where skeptics argued “the process slowed down” which was never what we argued we argued that no predictions have come true. It is true that the climate changes but not to a point where it’s an issue like global warming.

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