Denying smokers access to Medicare: Should smokers be denied access to Medicare?

  • Of course they should be banned from Medicare.

    Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Buddhists to name the very few among US population should be the only ones eligible for Medicare. They do the least harm to their health and should not be forced to support the rest. And we should establish a Bureau of Healthiness to investigate their members to issue certificates of compliance that enable them to be qualified to apply.

  • Smokers cause their own health issues.

    Smokers should be denied access to Medicare. Smokers cause enough health issues to themselves as well as those who receive second hand smoke. They should not recieve access to Medicare while those who are healthy and not doing damage to their own bodies do not receive medicare. Smokers should be excluded.

  • Smokers Should Rehab First

    Smokers should have a right to use a smoking cessation program in Medicare, and pass it to remain smoke-free, before seeking treatment for smoking-related health issues. Since smoking cigarettes won't be banned anytime soon, smokers will continue to smoke until they reach a health crisis point in their later years. Unfortunately, taxpayers will foot the bills for smokers as they continue to burn out their lungs for no good reason.

  • Should overweight people be denied access?

    Absolutely not. Though smokers are at an elevated risk of developing lung cancer, they should not be denied access simply because it is unjust. If you want to play that game, 2/3 of the United States should be denied access to healthcare because the population making up this fraction is overweight and at an increased risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Does that sound fair?

  • Smokers should not be denied healthcare

    Smokers should not be denied healthcare or any other people who are practicing or living a lifestyle that is damaging to their health in general. They should however be encouraged to quit smoking and their doctors or primary physician should be their sole motivator. Smokers have an addiction and they need more medical help than most people.

  • Smokers should have access to Medicare

    Starting to pick and choose who is allowed to use Medicare is not what is best for the people who use Medicare. This slippery slope would be quickly used to say obese people couldn't qualify or people who consume more than two drinks a day. Soon if the person does not eat a government approved diet they won't qualify for Medicare either. Or if they are not getting enough exercise or maybe they spend too much time in front of the TV. This is not a great direction to take Medicare into.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    It is costly to the government to treat smokers, but it would also be cruel to deny them care for a mistake that they made and an addiction they couldn't kick. I think money is best spend on smoking cessation programs. There are less people in the United States smoking every day.

  • Smokers should not be denied access to Medicare.

    Smokers should not be denied access to Medicare. They deserve to be treated just as any other patient is allowed to. I think that it would be wrong to deny someone Medicare just because of their smoking. Everybody should be allowed to get help with their medical expenses if they need it.

  • Smokers should not be denied access to Medicare.

    People should not be denied access to Medicare even if they are smokers. Smoking is not very dangerous if it is done in moderation. Although heavy smoking is bad for people's health, there are lots of lifestyle choices that are just as bad if not worse. As long as smoking remains legal, people should not be punished for it.

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