Deporting illegal immigrants in the US: Does public opinion support deporting illegal immigrants?

  • Yes, the public wants enforcement.

    Yes, public opinion supports deporting illegal immigrants, because the public, as a whole, wants law enforcement. The public supports legal immigration, and wants to make that easier, but they also want security, and want to see that laws are in place and enforced when they are violated. Yes, the public supports enforcement of deportation, because they want the nation to be secure.

  • Immigrants are welcome

    Immigrants are just the same as americans. America is full of immigrants we are immigrants to america. We came from europe. How is america free is we dont allow freedom to those in needs. We are all equal. We have diversity and everyone deserves a chance at a wonderful life.

  • No public opinion does not support this.

    Public opinion does not support the deportation of illegal immigrants as our country was mainly founded on illegal immigrants. Most of American just wants to work and get their jobs done, and does not care who is involved in that process. They understand the need to work and understand that it is hard to get where you need to go in life.

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