Deporting illegal immigrants in the US: Is deportation of illegal immigrants politically feasible?

  • Absolutely it is feasible and MUCH NEEDED!!

    The illegal immigration is the #1 problem facing America today. I am so glad the AMERICANS ARE FINALLY DEMANDING DEPORTATION!! AND MASS Deportation at that.

    And send ALL the criminals in our jails back too!! Build that wall and blow up the tunnels or flood them, either way? NO MORE IMMIGRANTS TO AMERICA WOULD SUIT ME JUST FINE!!

  • It is politically feasible.

    The deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States is politically feasible. Deporting illegal immigrants does not look bad on any person holding office because the immigrants are not here legally. If immigrants want to come to the United States, there are proper ways for them to do so legally.

  • Would you feel happy if you loved one be separated from you.

    There is a lot of people who come from places that are illegal. They come to find jobs and work to support their families. Children come to the United States to go to school and have a something in their life's that they can't happen in their own homes. Families come here to live better and be in peace and stop being worried for their family. In my opinion I think it is so sad to separate families apart their loved one.

  • Deportation is not politically feasible as it is not monetarily feasible

    The deportation of the illegal immigrants in any country would cost the country in several resources including, most importantly, time and money. While deportation is a polarizing political stance to take and may win a party a political election the operation itself is far too monetarily foreboding to be politically feasible. Depending on how these deportations were carried out it may also turn greater social powers like Amnesty International to step in on behalf of deportees.

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