Deporting illegal immigrants in the US: Is mass deportation a viable option?

  • Yes is option

    I think it is a good option because not to be racist but they are takeing up the jobs that homeless people could be haveing and havet tobeg for money on the street tttttttttttttttttt t t t t t t t tt t t t t t t t t

  • Being somewhere you shouldn't is illegal.

    I agree with the deportation laws if an individual or an large group of people either way should be deported to what ever country they may have come from because frankly it is against the law to enter any country or region that you are not permitted to be any under any

  • One Size does not Fit All Concerning Illegal Immigration

    I disagree with the idea that mass deportation is the solution to illegal immigrants. Although alien status workers are present in many facets of America's workforce, I believe that those people have their right to work for the survival of themselves and their families. Mass deportation seems to be a worse alternative than finding a way to legally implement more immigration allowances.

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