Deporting illegal immigrants in the US: Will the deportation of all illegal immigrants support the economy?

  • Yes it will.

    Deporting illegal immigrants in the United States of America will help support the economy. It will help create jobs for people who are dealing with the deportation of illegal immigrants. It will also help free up jobs for those who are here legally which will end up helping to boost the economy.

  • Illegal Immigrants Don't Pay Taxes, Usurp Taxpayer Dollars

    Illegal immigrants don't pay income taxes in the United States because they aren't documented. Yet somehow, children of illegals go to public schools and spend legal taxpayers' money to further their own gains. Deporting illegal immigrants will force U.S. companies to hire documented workers at minimum wage. These workers then, in turn, spend that money on goods that prop up the U.S. economy in general. It's a consumer-based economy that works when employees get paid what they are due.

  • Illegal immigrants pay taxes!

    You all shouldn't say illegal immigrants don't pay taxes because they do. Where do you guys think that you get your fucking medicare well it is from the money that illegal immigrants get taken away from their checks because even though they don't have a valid social security number they still get the money taken away for us the one's that don't work and they still need medicare and get sick and of course if they deport them the economy goes down hell because then who's going to work in the fields and do all the work that americans don't want to do motherfuckers!

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