Deputy halts Georgia courthouse shooter: Does Georgia's new open carry law encourage gun violence?

  • There are Some Places Guns Shouldn't Be

    While I fully support citizens being able to carry guns, I think there is some places that guns should not be allowed to be carried by civilians. Courthouses should not be a place that guns should be carried. Tempers are high and it only makes the chance more probable that a person on trial or was a victim of an alleged perpetrator will take the law in their own hands.

  • Yes Georgia's Open Carry law does encourage gun violence.

    Just the fact that someone can openly carry any firearm without need is going to bring a lot of want to be cops out patrol the streets. Open Carry also makes it easier for the mentally challenged and others bent on shooting someone to get their weapon to the site of their attack. No one has reason to consider an armed person in public out of place.

  • Yes, I believe it does.

    I don't think the average person who has a gun would be encouraged to use violence because of open carry, but I do believe that people with existing mental health issues would be. Having a gun on your person, I believe, would encourage a quick tempered person to use it irrationally. I don't think most people need to have access to a deadly weapon on their hip.

  • Unfortunately, it could.

    If Georgia does in fact have a new law allowing anyone to carry a gun, this could very well cause gun violence. There are certain people in the states, or the world for that matter, who are not in the right state of mind to be allowed to carry around a gun.

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