Derek Chauvin was guilty of policing while white.

Asked by: brodiescott76
  • Definitely it was.

    Black people are criminalized and not taken seriously and they’re constantly toyed with. George Floyd was clearly being suffocated for sport. “If it were a white man” it’s not a white man, So shut up about it. White people can’t be compared to black people as they don’t face the same everyday problems and have different experiences.

  • That, Or Chauvin Was In A Really Bad Mood

    First off, There may be mistakes in what I’m saying because I only know what I’ve been told by family, Friends, Ect.

    Floyd was accused of stealing a 20$ check (later that was proved false). When he refused to get in the car, That wasn’t a reason to kneel on his neck until he died. Apparently there’s video evidence of this and him saying that he couldn’t breathe. His skin color can’t be a coincidence, Because even though it’s twisted and wrong to kill him for that, Chauvin had no other apparent reason to murder him.

  • Look at the question

    Everyone so far has spoken about whether or not Chauvin was being racist or guilty of his crimes, Which, By the way I don't believe he was guilty of 2nd or 3rd degree murder. I'm not so sure about the manslaughter charge, But anyways, The topic is, At the time of writing, "Derek Chauvin was guilty of policing while white. " Derek Chauvin is white and will never not be, And as he was a police officer and did police, He was obviously guilty of policing while white. Fortunately for Chauvin, Policing while white is not a crime. That is because any law that depends on race is racist and unconstitutional in the United States, Where Chauvin policed.

  • He is guilty of murder and excessive force

    He killed someone. Another human being. Maybe George Floyd was a complete waste of oxygen who contributed nothing to society, But Chauvin did a bad bad thing, And that bad bad thing was a crime my friends. Crime does not pay, And he should have known that being a cop and all.

  • This is not about race, But it is about race at the same time!

    NO, He is not "guilty of policing while white"! You do not put your knee on someone's neck for 9 minutes (while they are already restrained), Period. It just happens that these incidents tend to happen against black people way more often than to white people. What if George Floyd was white? People would be outraged, For sure. But the fact the he was black puts the whole systemic issue in display. White cops do treat black people (especially men) differently. I doubt Chauvin would have treated a white suspect the same way. This is the whole point of the BLM movement. Treat black people the same way as you do white people. Can you do that or is it too hard? Don't put your knee on a black man's neck for 9 minutes because you're afraid of him (because he is black). Why is it so hard for folks to understand this?

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