• This was not justice

    This was mob rule, Pure and simple. The jury should have been sequestered from the beginning, Instead they were exposed to the media - which had a very biased view of this occurrence. Rioters were threatening to burn down the city, With the support of members of congress such as Maxine Waters, If a guilty verdict wasn't reached. Some of the jury have now admitted that they were worried that they would be targeted if a guilty verdict wasn't reached.

    Manslaughter? I can maybe see Chauvin being convicted of that. Murder? Not a chance in hell that any reasonable, Unbiased jury could have come to that conclusion. Murder would require motive and/or reckless endangerment; the former can't be proved in this case, And the latter isn't plausible - I don't think it's reckless endangerment when a cop is executing a legal maneuver taught in the academy to restrain a subject who is resisting arrest.

  • The Mob shouldn't be in charge of the justice system. . . Period.

    CNN & all the leftists news outlets pushed that Floyd was a saint who dindu nuffin and was perfect. He was a piece of shit who overdosed and they let the mob scare the jurors into a conviction. Even if he was guilty, They still should've let the guy have a fair trial and now bow down to the terrorists in Antifa & BLM.

  • Neither justice nor peace.

    This is just one of the Left’s many attempts at sowing discord among demographics. They divide the people based on race and sex and create problems so they can offer themselves as the solution. They manipulate the news to selectively report stories that push their agenda and ask for your vote. Forever.

    George Floyd was no saint as the BLM movement would have you believe. He was convicted of eight crimes including robbery and drug possession. Therefore it was no surprise that he would run into trouble with the law which lead to his final encounter with the police.

    When upholding the law and maintaining order there would be some unintentional deaths. That is the result of an imperfect system composed by imperfect humans who have limited power and knowledge. They cannot be expected to succeed in every case but that does not mean they put in no effort. And that certainly does not mean said system should be dismantled. Chauvin restrained Floyd who then overdosed on fentanyl but this would not have happened if Floyd did not commit crime in the first place.

    The BLM and Leftist movement claim to be against injustice yet they destroy cities around them and cancel those who respectfully disagree with them. They hold that black people are systematically oppressed and therefore should be given preferential treatment. What happened to the content of one’s character? How could one fight crime with more crime? Racism with more racism? Sexism with more sexism? That does not solve the problem. It only perpetuates it.

  • Fentanyl overdose causes asphyxiation

    Floyd had more than double the lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system, No one could've survived that even with an insane drug tolerance.
    He was saying "I can't breathe" before he was even placed on the ground (see: Fentanyl side effects).

    The reason Chauvin was convicted, But the average person has never even heard the name 'Tony Timpa' is obvious to anyone who takes a moment to google the latter.

    The trial was politically motivated.

    Anyone living in Minneapolis could've told you that if that verdict returned innocent there would've been rioting looting and likely another autonomous zone (if there wasn't an active one already).

  • This wasn't Justice.

    This was an attack from leftists against law and order. Derek Chauvin was being martyred for keeping the streets safe from druggies like George Floyd. Floyd was high on multiple illicit substances and was resisting arrest. While I think it's unfortunate he died, Chauvin's life should not be ruined permanently from something unavoidable. This is just the left's war on policing.

    Not to mention, The judge and jury were being threatened by BLM that if they didn't give a guilty verdict, Than BLM terrorists will come after them and their families. This is a case of Jury tampering with death threats, Which is illegal but BLM does not care, They are marxist terrorists with little regard for law or the legal system. The Judge and jury were totally biased due to the extensive media coverage from fake "news" and fear for their lives.

    Also I am black, And I think Chauvin is not guilty. BLM is, They are the terrorists who are committing murders, Arson, And looting all across the nation. More and more black Americans agree with me, That BLM does not represent blacks in this Country, But represent the marxist terrorists who are waging a war against America and her People.

  • Its justice, Get over it.

    Actually, There is no official statement that says that there were any threats toward the justice system at all. Even if they did receive threats, What kind of threats would they give to overrule a whole court system? And yes, It was second degree murder. According to wackier, "Second degree murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse. " Did chauvin have any practical reason to killing George Floyd? No. A cop isn't meant to kneel on some bodies neck, They kneel on their back.

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