Derek Jeter is an over-rated baseball player and his retirement got way too much hype.

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  • Best player ever

    Jeter, in reality, was accused so often of being overrated that it got to the point where he actually became underrated by many by the end.

    Whether it was because the adulation was seen as out of control, new stats (valid or not) raising issues about his overall contributions, playing for a team some loved to hate or simply because of outright jealousy (he did tend to date a lot of pretty women), Jeter became the one modern star whose value was most hotly debated, and by extension the one most often to suffer knocks -- deserved or not.

    It got to the point where folks joked on Twitter about how he'll be awarded some year-end hardware from this season, when at age 40, he wasn't very good. That's just silly. Jeter never received extra, undeserved support from writers. The three times he had a chance to win MVP (1998, 2006 and 2009) and finished third twice and second once, which was about where he deserved to finish.

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