• Yes, Derek Jeter is absolutely one of baseball's greats.

    As we've approached the final few games of Derek Jeter's last season, tributes to Jeter have continuously poured in, and by no means have been limited to sports media. As is often the case with adulation of an elite athlete, knee-jerk reactions in the opposite direction have also not been hard to find. While there may be some merit in pointing out the excesses of Jeter's admirers, it's also not hard to defend his rightful place as one of the all-time greats. Jeter spent his entire career playing for the New York Yankees, easily the most storied franchise in all of American sports history, and even among the many legends of Yankees history Jeter has still managed to lead the franchise in career hits, games played, steals, and doubles. If that weren't enough, Jeter has won 5 out of the 8 World Series he played with the Yankees, hence his appropriate nickname, "Mr. October", indicating Jeter's uncanny ability to come through under pressure come playoff time in the fall.

  • The numbers don't lie

    In addition to being the heart and soul of five World Series champions, he is a 14-time All Star and will finish his career with the 6th most base hits and 10th most runs scored in Major League history. It is difficult to conceive of a standard for evaluating ballplayers under which those achievements would not qualify him as one of the all-time greats.

  • Yes. Derek Jeter is one of Baseball's greats.

    Derek Jeter has a long history of success in Baseball. He played for one of the most prestigious and arguably one of the best teams in baseball for 20 seasons. He has won numerous awards and been on many World Series winning teams which were often led by Jeter himself. He is a leader and plays his hardest every game.

  • Not a Fan

    I'm not a Yankees fan by any stretch of the imagination, but Derek Jeter is easily considered one of the greats in modern baseball. Regardless of my opinions towards the Yankees, Jeter has proven himself to be one of the most legitimately talented ball players in the MLB, and the walk-off single that finished his career in New York was the perfect encore for him.

  • yes, of course!

    Wow I ca not believe he retired! I feel old... Yes he is one of baseball's greats. Everyone knows who he is, and they think he is a good baseball player. I don't even watch baseball and I know who he is, so that tells you some thing right there.

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