Designer genes: Should there be limits on DNA manipulation?

  • Mistakes are made by humans

    I did not mean to say no. I read the question wrong. I stand by everything I said. God is perfect and makes no mistakes. If you say you are a prophet and say that God makes mistakes you must have a devil in you. There should be limits on manilpulation

  • Yes and No depending circumstances

    Genetic Engineering could save those from predisposition to diseases such as Cancer, AutoImmune, Huntington's etc. this aspect of one's genetic endowment can lower the quality of life in the long run. So in this respect scientists should certainly control the expression of such genes during development. But then again if scientists could do that what's stopping them from coding other desirable genetic traits height, intelligence, cosmetic traits? What about those who were given that advantage naturally? And if more people had those traits than it wouldn't be so desirable and the benefit overall would be minimal. The reason people with high IQs, athletic ability, attractive features appear to have more of an edge with respect to different contexts is because a relatively small percentage of the population actually possesses them. By laws of supply and demand there's relatively few but lucrative opportunities for individuals to succeed in a certain capacity but relatively few people possess the traits/capability to obtain it therefore it works by creating an equal balance if everyone were able to succeed in any capacity then it would disrupt that equilibrium and those opportunities would no longer be as lucrative. The medical, mental health, and pharmaceutical industry would diminish over time if "perfect people" became the norm. Plus they are playing God and while I keep religion and science separate, I feel that if they started to blur that line there would be consequences they may trigger diseases that never existed in the first place. Nature does not like to be toyed with and I feel it would counteract any attempts at major modification to the human genome by triggering other issues and might even create more problems for the human race. Honestly, if it isn't broken don't fix it. We're all dealt a different set of cards but it's what we do with them that matters

  • Yes There Should

    It is very obvious that the human race can not handle differences between each other, so introducing more differences with DNA manipulation is quite dangerous for us. I think we should impose limits on such things as a way to avoid the moral issues with the advancements. Designer genes could be very troublesome to our society in the long run.

  • There should be limits on DNA manipulation.

    Yes, there should be limits on DNA manipulation. If scientists are allowed to change the fabric of life without any limits to experimentation, there could be dire consequences that no one expected. Creating designer babies or specialized animals puts man in a position of creator of life, which is counter intuitive to nature and the order of things.

  • DNA manipulation should be limited to prevention of medical conditions

    While there is an argument for DNA manipulation to prevent conditions such as Downs Syndrome, this genetic altering should be strictly limited. There is no room in society for designer babies. Couples who could afford this would create a two tier society and their genetically altered children would be cleverer, more beautiful and talented than those of ordinary couples. Eventually this would lead to society problems.

  • DNA manipulation is unethical

    Of course there should be limits on DNA manipulation. It is totally against human nature to pretend that a human being's behavior can be predetermined in a lab, because our personality and interests are set only by the mighty Lord, who provides us with all we need to survive, including free will.

  • God made everything perfect in his image

    Thatprophetdude you are actually one of the dumbest people I have ever heard in my life. How can you say God makes mistakes. God is perfect and makes no mistakes. God created us in his image and there are these deformities because we are sinners. It's not God's fault it is ours. We should not try to alter God's creation. And if you do shame on you

  • God shall smite thee!

    God believes in genetic modification. He created us in his image, which is perfection, he simply made a few mistake. His answer is clearly presented in genetic modification. Why would this ability be given to us by the divine being if we were not meant to use it. If you are to foolish to see this then may smite smite you!

  • Why not doe?

    DNA manipulation can allow us to save all those who are born with fatal defects. Before they are born we can go in and change their DNA so that they are perfectly healthy. Plus perfection is key to a happy world. If you don't want a happy world, you should go to hell.

  • DNA Manipulation es good.

    Being able to manipulate DNA can allow us to save lives of babies with defects. Those who would normally be born with a fatal defect can be saved. Also creating a perfect human is amazing and allows us to be more perfect! Perfection is the key to a perfect world.

  • Creating the perfect world

    Think about it, human beings are born with a lot of problems, there are children with downsyndrome and other genetic issues. If genetic manipulation was used on such children, their genetic issues could be easily repaired and make them into almost a "better working" human being. This would help the entire system

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