Despite his constant battle with alcohol addiction, should an NFL team sign Johnny Manziel?

  • I think a team should sign Manziel,

    He needs a strong coach and supporting cast that backs him. The Cleveland coach hated him and did everything he could to break him, and the Cleveland press acts like it's the end of the world when he goes out. The dude has never been charged with anything, and wont be, as he is not out there breaking the law. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  • Yes, I believe that an NFL team should sign Jonny Manziel despite his battle with alcohol addiction.

    Yes, I believe that an NFL team should sign Johnny Manziel despite his battle with alcohol addiction because Manziel is very young and is still learning how to control his emotions and become a true professional football player. Most people forget that Manziel won the Heisman trophy and all he needs is a chance to be able to display his talent.

  • The NFL will sign Johnny Manziel

    I think a team from the NFL will sign Johnny Manziel because people have committed crimes, and have struggled with addiction within the NFL before. Even though an alcohol addiction is not ideal for an athlete, an athlete can still be a good athlete. It will reduce the amount people will pay to sign him but he will be signed.

  • Johnny Manziel should be signed, regardless.

    Alcoholism is an important manner. As long as Johnny Manziel can get help, he should be okay. I personally am a recovering alcoholic. I have one year sober. I read an article about Johnny, and the author called him "hopeless". There is hope though, there is always hope. Everyone has a different rock bottom, and it can sometimes take a life changing event for an addict to get help. There is always help.

  • Alcoholism can't be cured

    No, an NFL team should not sign Johnny Manziel, because a person can't ever be completely cured of alcoholism. With all of the problems that players in the NFL have had lately, the NFL should do a better job of picking leaders to play in the NFL. The players in the NFL are community leaders, so the NFL shouldn't take someone with a problem.

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