Despite the Abraham religions existing for thousands of years, It seems humanity hasnt morally developed to resemble anything good or peaceful. Better without it?

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Despite the Abraham religions existing for thousands of years, It seems humanity hasnt morally developed to resemble anything good or peaceful. Better without it?
  • Christianity, catholicism, mormonism judaism, and islam

    From burning" witches" during the puritan era... To raping women in the name of allah...To the ethnic cleansing that is taking place in the holy land...To the catholic child rapist scandal...To the many genocides that all seem to be religious related... What good has religion done for humanity? And if religion never existed, would humanity be peaceful as well as less segregated? Despite the beautiful characters and moral teachings of the quran, the old testament and new testamentary, humanity has not morally developed despite generations of followers. Therefore, i believe that religon has been malignant to humanity since its inception thousands of years ago. Do you think religion is saving humanity? Or is religion the contrary due to record poverty as well as the world's permanent state of war?

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  • Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are Some of the Worst Religions

    Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have been nothing but abominations. They've caused many of the worst wars and massacres. They also have sexist teachings and are against the rights of homosexuals. Judaism even has teachings that are animal abuse.

    Wars and massacres: Wars caused by Abrahamic religions go back to the Middle Ages. The Crusades were caused because the Christians believed that they had the right to rule the so-called "Holy Land", which is actually Jerusalem. They also believed that Muslims shouldn't rule the Jerusalem. An estimated 1.7 million people died in the Crusades. Now let's fast-forward to the 20th century when Adolf Hitler ruled Germany. During that time, he ordered the murdering of Jews, Catholics, and Jehovah's Witnesses, people that he would have murdered if Abrahamic religions did not exist. Millions of people were murdered by the Nazis because of their religion. People could say that Hitler would have still order Jews to be murdered, only he would call them Hebrews. However, Hitler did had Hebrew descent, so he wouldn't murder people that are Jews in real life if there were no Abrahamic religions.

    Sexism: Abrahamic religions are very sexist ones. Christianity doesn't allow women to speak at church and has many other sexist laws. Islam forces women to marry, even if she doesn't like her husband or doesn't want to marry. Orthodox Judaism doesn't let women take a special ceremony known as a bar mitzvah.

    Hate of homosexuals: Christians, especially Catholics, believe homosexuality is evil. Catholics actually make homosexual adolescents live in the streets. Muslim countries make homosexuality illegal. Jews believe it is wrong for a man to be homosexual.

    Judaism and animal abuse: Jews are very cruel to non-human animals. They believe that they must be killed slowly and painfully, not quickly and without pain. This is just evil. Cows and chickens and all those other animals also have feelings. I mean, would you rather have a slow and painful death, or a quick death without pain. Definitely a quick death without pain.

    People could say that Abrahamic religions could teach us morals, but these are very obvious morals. For example, Judaism teaches to not kill another person unless he or she would kill you, but that is something very obvious. I have no religion and I already knew that it's wrong to kill another person unless he or she would kill you.

  • Lies are bad and reason trumps faith

    To be honest, I agree with the world being better off with religion, but I don't agree with your preamble.

    At least in the secular world we are living in an unprecedented level of peace. Crime levels are low, quality of life overall is high. I would call that both good and peaceful.

    I think we are better off without religion, but mostly because religion asks for blind faith and obedience over reason and discourse. It is anti-intellectual, and exclusive/ divisive by nature. It is only inclusive if you share the same beliefs. If you don't, you are shamed and called immoral, even though you likely hold most of the same moral precepts.

    Not to mention the fact that there is no reason to believe there is truth to the claims of the religions. Is it worth lying if it has minor benefits? Isn't that contradictory to the tenets of the faiths themselves?

    As well, given the politics and transgressions of most religious organizations, they really don't seem to be a net-positive influence in the world.

  • Religion has power because it binds people together

    One reason religion had such a strong foothold in the past was because it had the power of uniting groups of people under one banner. Muhammad used islam to unite an entire city under his rule and proceeded to use his supporters to siege and forcibly convert neighbouring city. The charasterical attributes of religions allow its abuse to enfroce immoral values in societies where the grand majority are true believers. For example Catholic inquisitions in medieval Europe. Nowadays people are more educated and the power of religious institutions is limited in western countries; for example, any sort of inquisition in modern times is unheard of. However, in Muslim countries the majority are still true believers and cultural attributes allow for the abuse of religious power. Religion is fine in the way it currently is in most western countries but the scale still tips against religions.

  • Was it better thousands of years ago?

    I do not believe in any of the Abrahamic religions myself but the idea that religion lies at the root of all evil is a rather ignorant one. Humans have never needed any excuse to do the most terrible things to one another and in fact, i dare to say that the introduction of religion had a positive effect in that it allowed for the establishment of larger societies from smaller individual tribes into larger multi-tribal nations. It is true that religion has done a lot of harm in the past but equally it has done a lot of good.

  • We simply notice the detriments, and not the benefits.

    The detriments brought to humanity from religion are certainly present and undeniable. But they are incredibly minor compared to other factors such as simple human nature. You see, we have not burst out in violence as result of religion, but in spite of it. Only 7% of wars were religiously motivated. And historians have found peace within humanity spiked and continued to rise just about 1800 years ago, this may very well have to do with the rise of Abraham religions. The greatest time to be alive, is indeed, now.

    Not to mention, basic morality can also be correlated with the mentioned religions. Most people have a natural tendency to find ethical barriers against murder and high level violence. But simple things from theft all the way down to basic manners can be closely linked with religious condemnation of these acts.

  • No, the world is better with it

    I think that the world should believe in the Abrahamic religions. I think this because most people should develop to believing in one god because, myself, a Christian go to God in forgiveness and I know he is there to support me. I think that people that get into a lot of trouble or people that feel like they do everything wrong. That is why people should believe in the Abrahamic religions.

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