• Yes,BuzzFeed will sucseed because of its great content.

    Yes,BuzzFeed will succeed because of its great content. BuzzFeed does wonderful work online and i think it will continue to. I feel that they will be the front runner going forth because they really know what people want to see on the Internet. I think they have a wonderful website that will be number 1.

  • Buzzfeed is REDUNDANT

    Buzzfeed will never become as popular as Twitter, Facebook, or even Reddit. The simple reason is that Buzzfeed is a redundant in what it offers. It provides quick headlines which can be found on any of the other social media platforms I mentioned - especially Twitter. Furthermore, Buzzfeed's timing is all too late. Maybe if Buzzfeed had come before Twitter, then people would have made it part of their routine. However since it has come afterwards it will be difficult for it to challenge Twitter and Reddit.

  • BuzzFeed Has Lost Its Luster

    Like similar sites, BuzzFeed has really lost its luster and started to cater to the lowest common denominator. This has put off some early fans, and the company might not be as successful as it could have been, no matter how much funding the company has received. It used to be better.

  • Plethora of online media, social nets, blogs and online media prevent BuzzFeed from becoming number one

    Platforms such as BuzzFeed are destined to be one of the many online medias where contributors, independent writers, bloggers and everyone else that has anything to say to do it there. Lack of originality or definitively top rated themes and targeted audience are amongst the issues that rob BuzzFeed from the top of the chart.

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