Despite their disavowal of the term, should Opie and Anthony be considered "shock jocks"?

  • Yes, they fit the definition very well.

    Opie and Anthony are definitely shock jocks whether they deny it or not. They have been fined twice by the FCC because their on air material violated decency standards. At one point in their careers they had a Voyeur Bus, broadcast that the mayor of Boston had been killed in a car accident, had a contest for 100,000 Grand which the prize turned out to be the candy bar by the same name.

  • Yes, they should be

    The reason that Opie and Anthony should be considered shock jocks is because they basically epitomize what a shock jock is. Who cares whether they like the term? That's what made them both rich. Each and every day they push the envelope and, it is, well, shocking--to say the least.

  • Yes They Should

    Shock jocks is a term defined as a disc jockey on a talk-radio show who expresses opinions in a deliberately offensive or provocative way. While Opie and Anthony often use shocking advertising or misleading promotions, I feel they still fit into the category of shock jocks. I can see why they may not like the term, but they certainly earned it.

  • Opie and Anthony's topics make them "shock jocks."

    Opie and Anthony should be considered "shock jocks." This is because a lot of their behavior is done in poor taste, especially their dialogue. They often discuss topics like bodily functions for all their viewing public to hear. There are many people who like this kind of radio show, though, and to them it might not be shocking at all.

  • Yes, Opie and Anthony should be considered shock jocks.

    I think that Opie and Anthony should be considered shock jocks. I do not think there is anything wrong with the term. It is actually something that would attract fans of the genre to their radio broadcasts. I think that while Opie and Anthony may not like the term, it is something that has made them popular.

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