Despite their perceived "underdog" status, will the Pittsburgh Pirates emerge as one of the teams to beat in the AL East in the future?

  • Pittsburgh pirates overall statistics suggest a possible rise

    While they are still being viewed as an "underdog". Reviewing an comparing their statistics in overall wins & losses over a few year period, suggest that in the near future they can expect either a slight increase in their wins or stay where they are at the moment. But with some of the anomalies that arise upon reviewing their numbers, could mark a significant rise for the pittsburgh pirates in the times to come.

  • Yes. The Pirates will emerge as one of the teams to beat.

    The Pirates have been rebuilding for years and they finally have a group of players that work well together. They now know they have what it takes to get to the playoffs they just need to work on being in the playoffs. The Pirates are going to be a threat in the National League Central for the next couple of years.

  • Da Burgh Will Stay BUCN!

    As a hardcore Bucs fan, and after seeing countless losing seasons, year after year, the Pirates are building their franchise looking to be the potential team to beat in the future. With franchise players such as McCutchen, Martin, Polanco, Harrison, Walker, Marte, Mercer, and some of our pitching strength from Volquez, Liriano, Grilli, Hughes, Watson, and Vanimal to name a few, we are building our team from the ground up with players looking to stay and help bring a championship home to Da Burgh. Despite this years lack of front management, Clint Hurdle has done a tremendous job with the Pirates and we hope that the Pirates will have more success next year instead of flopping back to back WC games.

  • There is a chance

    I guess we shall just have to wait and see. A lot of great teams emerge from underdog status and surprise us all. That would be very cool for their team to be able to do that. I guess it really jsut depends on if they train hard and focus.

  • I believe that the Pirates will emerge as one of the teams to beat in the AL East.

    With the decline of the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, I feel that the Pirate should take this opportunity to continue their winning formula and drafting and trading for valuable players for their team. Despite their loss in their wild card game with the San Francisco Giants, I feel that they are still learning their way and should look to the recent success of the Giants and Nationals among others, and continue to working on getting better in the playoffs and continue to translate their in-season success to playoff season triumph.

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