Detective and a plea deal: Should officers of the law be able to plea deal out of serious crimes?

  • Police Officers are People Too

    Anyone should have the right to plea deals. If it means furthering justice and tackling large criminal syndicates, plea deals should be used. It makes sense then to also allow plea deals to be applied to police officers found guilty of serious crimes. Granted their job was to uphold the law and they disobeyed that, but they are people too and should have similar rights in the court of law.

  • Officers of the law should be treated equally

    In my opinion, officers of the law should not be allowed to plea deal out of serious crimes. Law enforcement officers are the people meant to uphold the law, so they should be treated exactly the same as a regular citizen and be punished accordingly. Otherwise it is unfair to expect people to take the law seriously.

  • Police Officers have to be held to a higher standard

    Police officers have to be held to a higher standard of justice than previously anticipated by the legal system. The police are out of control. They kill peopl for no apparent reason. Therfore they should really not be allowed to have a plea deal when they are the law. Like Sylvester Stallone int hat movie. He is the law.

  • No, officers of the law should not be able to plea deal out of serious crimes

    We have to hold our law enforcers to a higher standard if we expect anyone to take them seriously. When our law enforcers see that they can use the system to their advantage, what is there to stop them from completely abusing it? They know what the laws are, they know what grey areas there are, what stops them from becoming worse than the criminals we need protecting from?

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