Determination is the best way to measure competence

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  • The concepts of Chance and Opportunity are completely neglected here.

    Although determination can be an instrumental part which leads to a competent work ethic and therefore success, it is incontestable that opportunity, advantage, and luck are huge factors which determine a student's readiness when exposed to the real world.
    For instance, there are two students who are equal in terms of academic statistics, but operate in completely different ways.
    The first boy is hardworking, diligent, and determined; he understands that a good work ethic leads to success throughout life.
    The second boy is also hardworking, although not as much as the former; instead, he is more intellectually developed than the first boy, and possesses an overall better quality of life due to his financial status.
    Both students are set to be helpful, educated, contributive members of society, but the second boy is already living the life which the first boy dreams of having, allowing the second boy to directly pursue something beyond the scope of vision of the first boy.

  • I am not supporting

    I am opposing because there are some students that does not
    Take determination as an intellectual development but skill development .
    I need your advice on this topic because for me I don't agree with
    this opinion stated above. That my answer to this topic 'Determination
    Is the best way to measure competence

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