Detroit Pistons Acquire Tobias Harris: Did Orlando Magic just hand over a great asset to a team in its own conference?

  • Yes, Tobias Harris is a great asset for Orlando Magic

    Given his proven record of wins and exceptional plays, Tobias Harris was a great asset for the Orlando Magic, I think that by trading him, they are making financial gains, but also they are setting themselves up for bad results in the upcoming basketball season. Which will cause financial loses in the long term.

  • Yes, the Orlando Magic handed over a great asset

    Yes, the Orlando Magic handed over a great asset to a team in its own conference when Orlando allowed the Detroit Pistons to acquire Tobias Harris. Tobias Harris is a great player with excellent stats. Furthermore, he is a young player with a lot of good years ahead of him.

  • Magic Make Smart Decision by Trading Harris

    Although Tobias Harris has had solid stats, his performance for Orlando Magic has not been as stellar as the team would have hoped. Therefore, by trading him for Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova, Magic will add depth to its bench. Ilyasova should up the team's shooting percentage - a change it desperately needs. Both Ilyasova and Jennings have played for Skiles, so they should perform will for him again.

  • No, not really

    From what I'm reading, he's not a good player and hogs the ball. The magic decided they had made a bad bet so maybe. Harris annoyed his teamates. He doesn't seem to be a team player at all. He mibe a problem for any team he joins in the future.

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