Detroit schools: should teachers sue over Detroit schools' dangerous conditions?

  • Teachers Have the Right to Feel Safe in Schools

    Everyone should feel safe in the workplace. This especially goes for teachers, who deal with multiple stressors a day. Teachers need to be focusing on bettering their students, academically, emotionally, and socially. They cannot do this if they are worrying about their safety, like many teachers are in Detroit area schools. The school board and city should be doing everything possible to ensure teachers' (and students') safety.

  • Detroit teachers angry over dangerous school conditions

    It doesn't really matter whether you're a teacher or any other type of employee: if your work conditions are not within the standards of OSHA then that needs to be remedied. Sometimes complaining about a problem isn't enough for action to take place. If teachers were to sue the school for an unsafe work environment then the schools would definitely take action to finally remedy the problems.

  • Michigan Legislation to Provide Needed Help to Detroit Schools

    Detroit is, yet again, making headlines for none of the right reasons. Teacher's are reaching to via social media to stress how deplorable the Detroit school systems are becoming. Water damage, steam on the playground, and lack of funds to provide needed for necessities to the children are forcing teachers to stage sickouts from work, and the children from education. Michigan legislation needs to step in. If they don't, the teachers may feel the need to sue over these conditions, and that is an expense that Detroit cannot afford at the moment. Reach out to your local congressman and demand action. We need to help these teachers help these children.

  • I don't think so

    There is definitely a problem, but I don't think suing is the answer. These teachers need to feel safe and more needs to be done for them. Suing won't immediately improve the situation and will financially hurt the schools. I think in the end this actually will do more harm than good.

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