Developed countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change: Are developed states more obligated with more resources?

  • Cause of the problem

    Developed countries are more responsible for the climate change we have had in the past few decades. It is not the little villages in underdeveloped countries that are polluting our earth. The developed countries should do more to fix the problem because the have done and are doing more of the damage.

  • Yes, developed nations are more obligated to combat climate change.

    Billie Holiday once famously sang, "Them that's got shall get, them that don't shall lose." This is a prevalent theme in world economics. Developed nations have wealth, and it frees them to pursue more wealth. Once a nation is not struggling with the basic concerns of food, shelter, education and health care for its citizens, it is able to address other issues. Developed nations, being more fortunate, have a moral obligation to do more in order to let poorer nations continue to address the basics.

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