Developed countries have a higher obligation to combat climate change: Are exemptions justified in context of outsourcing?

  • The outcome will be necessary if climate change would not be solved

    Climate change is a sudden change of climate. This a result of massive CO2 emissions caused by industrial revolution. Developed countries such as China and India has a great contribution in emitting CO2, therefore, they should be responsible in solving their mess. Considering that these countries should just aid developing countries, the outcome of these actions is not essential if the climate is already killing these countries

  • More Money means more waste

    Countries with more money should be responsible to play a bigger role in funding efforts to combat climate change as they have contributed the most waste. The united states for example contributes 20% of all green house emissions and is only 5% of the population. Thus should be responsible for 20% of the funding.

  • No, all countries have an equal obligation to combat climate change.

    No, developed countries have no more obligation to combat climate change than developing countries do, because climate change is a serious problem that cannot have a solution unless all countries are involved. Climate change is an umbrella topic under which countries can demand that the richest countries produce less, and at a higher cost. It is a great, backhanded way to stall economic progress. Because a solution to climate change cannot be effective without all counties participating, all countries have an obligation to contribute to the solution.

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