Developed world climate change debt to developing world: Do developed countries owe a debt to developing world over climate change?

  • Climate change and the developing world

    It is well-known that the burning of fossil fuels has been a major factor in climate change since the Industrial Revolution is heavily contributing to a greenhouse effect around the globe. It would seem logical that the industrialized nations bear the brunt of responsibility since they are the major contributors and also have the financial assets and ability to initiate change.

  • Developed countries shouldn't have to pay

    Firstly I would like to say that developed countries had the ideas and the workforce to develop, so they should be able to enjoy what they have achieved, not hold back so other countries can develop. Developing countries just weren't quick enough, so developed countries shouldn't have to pay for that.

    My next point is that it's the responsibility of the developing countries to make sure that they don't produce large quantities of pollution, not ours. They should use renewable energy by finding sources e.g. Waves and wind. This would also help to inspire other countries to do the same if it is successful, as it could end up being cheaper, e.g. Renewable energy could be used to fuel electric cars rather than relying on oil for the cars that most people use today.

    My last argument is that if these countries do develop at a increased rate, it could it could significantly increase the percentage of carbon dioxide and other pollutant gases in the atmosphere, which would create many problems around the globe, e.g. Rising sea levels. This could make it harder for developing countries to develop, as they may be faced with many different issues that would require lots of time and effort to reduce, e.g. Floods, droughts, acid rain.

  • Developed countries do not owe a debt to developing countries.

    There are no international laws regarding pollution and reparations for climate change. Rich countries are under no obligation to pay anyone. Also, everyone feels the effects of climate change. Since all countries are effected by it, there is no reason for some countries to pay others as a penalty for wrongdoing.

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