• Amazed compelled and hooked from being to end. I am sorry to see it end.

    I didn't discover Dexter until it was on Netflix. The story line was so unique. I was driven to learn the outcome of some of the story lines, and to see how Dexter and Deb would manage to keep it all together. It was a great journey thanks to both a talented cast and great writers. It was fun addicting and dark at the same time. I miss Dexter all ready

  • Dexter was unlike any other show

    Everything except the last episode kept me compelled and interested to see what was next. Great storytelling, great casting, unique premise, diverse cast, cliffhangers, attractive women, suspenseful, good delivery, some very funny moments, and greatly sold emotion.

    The suspense, unique premise, and diverse cast was the main draw for me. The show is unique in that it gets us to sympathize with a serial killer. This is one of the few shows these days that keeps us guessing with questions that we actually give a darn about. I liked the casting too, all good actors who don't all look the same. Too many shows these days turn me off with one dimensional casting; Dexter definitely delivered in that respect. The show made me care about all of its characters as well, main and support. I was big on Det. Quinn and Sgt. Doakes.

    The humorous parts of Dexter also reeled me in too; the most frequent being Deb scenes. Everything about Deb accurately felt like that of a sister, and with that said I am REALLY glad that the show didn't go in that strange direction of setting up Deb and Dex. The scenes implying a future romance were becoming too strong, and was starting to turn me off. Didn't care if they weren't biologically related, it would have ruined the brother/sister thing. The only real gripe I had with the show was the ending, not the whole thing, just certain parts. Dexter's final kill was genius, and can be interpreted in so many different ways. Most of the other things that happen in the last episode is what I didn't like; such as what becomes of Deb and Dexter's strange decision at the end, which would certainly have an effect in his son and Hannah(poison ivy I always called her).

    Despite the last episode, I will greatly miss Dexter. The actors sold emotional scenes very accurately, didn't oversell, didn't undersell; the emotion displayed was always accurate and made the show feel real. That "real" feeling from Dexter is what I'm going to miss. I have two sister's, and Deb reminded me of them. We don't always get along but the sacrifices Deb made for Dex are sacrifices I would like to believe I would make for my sisters. I'm going to miss that connection with Dexter, I'm going to miss watching every afternoon.

    Side note: Michael Hall and Jennifer Carpenter's real life romance was a bonus for me for some reason. Seemed like they really had a connection, which would explain how they played so well together on the show. Anyway, I'm a fan of both now and I'd love to see Michael Hall as Batman one day if he beefed up for it.

  • Dexter was great...

    ... Both Dexter and Deb were great characters and the show brought morality and family issues to the viewers as well as being generally thrilling and entertaining despite some predicted plot twists and many unpredictable ones. Yes the finale wasn't perfect and little disappointing but overall from Episode 1 S1 to the last I enjoyed all of it .

  • Dexter was great...

    ... Both Dexter and Deb were great characters and the show brought morality and family issues to the viewers as well as being generally thrilling and entertaining despite some predicted plot twists and many unpredictable ones. Yes the finale wasn't perfect and little disappointing but overall from Episode 1 S1 to the last I enjoyed all of it .

  • Will Always Love & Miss Dexter

    I'm a Dexter fan through and through. While some seasons were better than others, I never once didn't look forward to watching it. I totally miss it and no other show has compared to it. It was a fantastic mix of comedy, thriller, action, and love. Obsessed and bummed it's over.

  • I really miss this shoe

    This show was my medicine! I'm having a hard time without it !! Will it come back? Some way some how? My Sunday's are not the same. Please send Dexter back to my TV. I have some ideas for another 8 seasons if you want some ideas, I have them.

  • Dexter Didn't Realize What Being Human Meant...

    If you were a true fan of Dexter you were hooked from the very beginning. It shows you into the mind of a true serial killer and the psychology behind it. Michael C. Hall did an AMAZING job portraying that as well. It shows us from the very beginning just how disconnected from the world Dexter was and as the show went on it shows him slowly turn human. It only makes sense that the show would have ended the way that it did. He had so much emotion that he didn't realize he had after Rita and Lumen. He goes from this monster to someone who cares so deeply that in order to save the ones he loves he has to let them go. Plus his dark sense of humor is hilarious! I tried watching Breaking Bad and it just doesn't measure up to Dexter. I don't see how people could possibly like it more than Dexter. It's just the same thing over and over again. Dexter's voice overs are priceless and Deb's creative f-bombs are too! I just wish that they end up doing a spin-off!

  • Will miss Dexter

    From an unbiased perspective, I can understand the critics, but I will miss Dexter as someone who I grew to love, I feel like I went through it all with him, discovering his history and ability to have feelings after all, when he had convinced himself he was incapable of this. And then it all spiralled out of control, I am haunted by the last scene, the look on his face was so hard and he didn't talk to the viewers through his narrative voice, his surroundings were so miserable and he was alone, all completely opposite to where he was at the beginning.
    I will miss having Dexter to look forward to watching, I will miss him talking us through his thinking and I will miss his humour (he had me at the start of first first episode), when he slapped his victim who was praying and shouted him!

  • The best show......Ever!

    From start to finish this show had me consumed. It immerses you into a dark world of ultimate good. Dexter is a unique show that will stand the test of time as one of the best and original ever made. Great characters and dark humour keep you tuning in.....Not to mention the edge of seat moments when he nearly' nearly! Gets caught out but manages to always stay one step ahead. The finale episode was amazing.......His final kill being his masterpiece!. In a police station under the watchful eye of security cameras and still he comes out on top.
    Dexter, for me anyway, will never be bettered by any tv show.

  • Absolutely Fantastic - Will Be Missed

    I have read a lot of blogs, thought about others thoughts but still I draw my own conclusion that dexter was amazing in its own right. Supremely acted throughout, well done to all the cast. Although there have been lots of negative reviews of the finale, I thought it to be very 'fitting'. Ok, not the happy ending we would have loved, but it isn't always, this is life. Excellent overall and thoroughly enjoyed every thrilling moment. Thank you to all for giving us Dexter.

  • Gross Show with Disgusting Premise

    I won't miss "Dexter" at all. Premium cable channels have taken storytelling on television to a new level with gross themes such as serial killing, mass murder and drug use. Although I understand the appeal of the show for some viewers for its edginess and off-the-wall humor, I won't miss the trash on premium cable shows whatsoever. Get out and change the world instead of watching such filth!

  • Not at all.

    Dexter was indeed a very unique show when it first came out ,a show that really promised to challenge the concept of right and wrong through it's main character and portray the mind of a psychopath in an intriguing way - it succeeded at that for about the first 4 seasons.

    That isn't to say the show did not have any problems prior to the 5th season ,it surely did - lots of uninteresting and useless side characters to provide extra story arcs which were very poorly done for the most part ,some of whom were just plain tokens , the concept of a psychotic mind being warped completely to fit the need for a character who was written to in the end always do the right thing (something that will likely follow the show to it's soon to come grave).

    However it was from the 5th season onwards that the show's real issues began to tilt their ugly heads - uninteresting antagonists , loads and loads of plot holes and some very stupid decisions from both the writers and Dexter himself.Some notable examples of this would be the forced love interest in the form of Hanna to the 7th season, something that could have been avoided.The incredibly goofy villain in the form of Travis in the 6th season who was still doomed despite the boring and overdone plot twist at the end and of course Numen in the 5th season who i swear was the most dull and uninteresting character produced.

    All in all , after the 5th season it became increasingly more evident that the only reason they kept producing more episodes was to haul in more money from the numerous loyal fans ,not because Dexter's character could branch out to new and interesting plot lines.Dexter was a show that did not know when enough was enough ,when an idea was stretched to it's limits.

  • No, I won't miss Dexter.

    Dexter was a bit of a strange show to me. I feel that t main character glorified murder and mental illness, and that the supporting characters did as well. While the theme for the show was pretty much unheard of, I think after eight seasons there isn't much more the actors and producers can do to make the show interesting.

  • It has run its course

    It is one of the greatest and most original shows of all time. But like all things, it must come to an end. 8 Seasons is a long run. The writers, actors, and production crew are probably very creative people and eager to try their hand at something new. Besides, what other themes can the show explore?

  • No, there are plenty of shows

    I got into watching Dexter over the past couple of seasons, but there are too many other good shows on network TV right now to say I would miss it all that much. Shows like Castle and Revenge will continue to keep me entertained even though Dexter is going off the air.

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