Diane Sawyer Steps Down: Was Diane Sawyer a better anchor than Brian Williams?

  • Yes, she is

    I think Diane Sawyer was a better anchor than Brian Williams. She has had a great deal of experience, both politically and as a reporter. I'm not saying that Brian Williams is a bad anchor, because that's not the case. However, she's broken some barriers for female reporters, and has a had a long and varier career.

  • Brian Williams is professional

    No, Diane Sawyer was not a better anchor than Brian Williams, because Brian Williams just seemed more professional and authoritative. Also NBC has a longer-lasting reputation for better news delivery. Sawyer was a nice person, but she was too friendly, and that isn't the best for television news. Williams just presents better on television.

  • I like Brian Williams more

    In my opinion Brian Williams is more likable and just more friendly and comforting to watch for me. I also think Brian Williams has a better sense of humor than Sawyer. I don't dislike Diane Sawyer and think she was a good anchor but I definitely think Brian Williams is better.

  • No Diane Sawyer was not a better anchor.

    While Diane Sawyer was a good news anchor she just could not match NBC's Brian Williams. Sawyer never seemed to connect with the audience, while Brian Williams seemed much passionate about his job and did a better job connecting with viewers of all backgrounds. Overall Brian Williams was the better anchor but its not to say Diane Sawyer was bad.

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