Diarrhea main cause of death during Civil War: Is digestive health taken seriously enough today?

  • Yes it is taken seriously

    The Civil War was a breeding ground for diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. At the time little was known about what caused diseases. Surgical techniques ranged from barbaric to nonexistent. As a result a soldier had a 1 in 4 chance of surviving war because of poor medical care.But these days thanks to the advancement in medical field , digestive health is taken quite seriously

  • It's all I hear about!

    There are endless commercials on TV about digestive health anymore! It seems to be the new trend. From yogurts to drinks, digestive health products are on the map. I don't think anyone could say the idea is being overlooked, and I know that healthcare providers pay very close attention to digestive health.

  • It would seem so.

    There are a lot of commercials and health notices out there today that promote the proper health for the digestive tract. Whether it's the hot new pill or a new specialty food that helps clear you out it would seem that digestive health is very important these days as it should be.

  • We can do better

    No, I don't believe that a lot of people take their digestive health seriously today, but we definitely need to. Your health starts in your gut. Today, we are filling our bodies with junk and processed foods, and our stomachs are suffering. When you eat whole foods, you won't have as many digestive problems.

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