• Innovation is started by creativity; too many rules and discipline-related expectations really limits the amount we think about things.

    When strict rules for something are set, It's usually hard to think outside the box. In society where there's plenty of rules, It's difficult to think about something that already exists. People innovating new things are often met with these words: "It's impossible. " "No-one can do that. " And not only the advice of others, But the rules that discipline sets on our actions limits our willingness to jump into the unknown, To willingly take the risk.

  • It can be rules that you made by yourself

    Discipline is only bad if you are following the wrong rules to get something done. If you disciplining yourself then you can decide what is important in completing a task. By giving yourself your own rules you can ditch ones that are out of data and be more adaptive of the environment.

    Everyone needs rules to follow. Just make sure you are following the right ones.

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Fiasco says2018-10-29T12:12:39.517
Hmm, Never heard "obstrucle" before. Maybe it's from another dialect, But sounds like a mix between "obstacle" and "obstruction". I kind of like it though!

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