Dick Cheney, a new key advisor for Trump: Is Dick Cheney's potential appointment to Trump's staff ethical?

  • I don't like it

    Given Tillerson's financial ties to Russia through Exxon and it's Russian arm, and given Cheney's oil ties from Haliburton days, it doesn't look or smell so good. Not happy with a cabinet or president who seem to be putting their wallets above the American people. If it doesn't seem ethical, it's probably not.

  • He is ethical.

    Cheney might have some terrible opinions on politics and economics, but he has never done anything that is unethical. It's true that he was a businessman before he was a politician, but Trump was also a businessman before he was a politician. Cheney has not had serious ethical allegations, so he might not be a great choice, but he is ethical.

  • No, due to Cheney's behavior.

    It is well known that corruption ran rampant in the Bush Jr. administration, and Cheney's actions have proven that as well. His unpredictable and hostile temperament is not what this country needs right now. Trump has made some interesting choices for his administration but this one seems very unwise, considering past events.

  • This is turning out to be big joke.

    I can't believe Trump, who is or was against the Iraq War, is thinking of having Cheney, one of the architects of that failed war, as an advisor. Can Cheney even work for two different administrations? I feel like Trump lied through his teeth during the campaign and people fell for it. Or maybe there was a severe glitch in the matrix, the Trump administration makes no sense to me.

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