• Dick Cheney could be a benefit to Donald Trump.

    Dick Cheney does come with some experience in the Whit House. Obviously, Donald Trump thinks he has something to offer. Assuredly, many are surprised by this decision. However, we will just have to wait and see what unfolds. Having been Vice President does carry some weight and makes for a pretty nice resume.

  • Yes, I believe Dick Cheney would be a good presidential adviser.

    I believe that Dick Cheney would be a good presidential adviser because he has experience being in the White House. He has experience with diplomacy and political negotiations, as well as relationships with many other people in Washington. I believe he can offer valuable advice about high level politics to our incoming president.

  • Dick Cheney's record is questionable.

    As vice president, Dick Cheney was somewhat of a target to comedy circles due to his behaviors and personality. However, his judgement and moral fiber are in serious question at this point, and it is doubtful whether this will be a good choice for the Trump administration. It can only be hoped that he will redeem himself.

  • He is old news.

    Dick Cheney stands for the old guard. Cheney was part of the Bush administration. The Bush administration did a lot of things that were not really conservative. The Bush dynasty was never that conservative. Trump won on a very conservative, pro-business ticket. Trump should not surround himself with the people of the past.

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