• '12 years a Slave' did deserve to win the 2014 Oscar for Best Picture.

    '12 years a Slave' did deserve to win the 2014 Oscar for Best Picture. '12 years a Slave' was a film based on a real African American person who was Kidnapped in the 1800's and forced to work as a slave in Louisianna. The account was an accurate portrayal of a historic event that was confirmed by historians.

  • "12 Years a Slave" deserved the Oscar

    Few movies are being produced that actually fit Oscar nomination material. There are three things that a movie will typically need for an Oscar winning performance. A great story, a great cast, and great cinematography are these three things. Most movies will only have one. 12 Years a Slave has all three, and is well deserving of the award.

  • Yes, I think '12 Years a Slave' deserved to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

    "12 Years a Slave" received universal praise and acclimation from critics when it was released, it was a well produced movie that had all the factors that make it an entertaining experience, the judges at the Oscars thought that "12 Years a Slave" was the best of all the nominations and I agree.

  • Yes, it was as good as or better than the others.

    12 Years a Slave was a movie that was expertly written and acted and staged. It not only told a valuable story that we all would do well to hear, but it also was as good in all the Oscar worthy categories as any of the other nominees and deserved to be named Best Picture.

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