• Yes slavery was bad & maybe white guilt helped it, but on it's own it was a powerful film with great acting all around

    Everyone knew slavery was bad I just made me realize and really imagine the pain of what was essentially free man turned into a slave. To be objective instead of subjective blacks in the south were born into slavery and new no other place and legally were property but this man was a free man and it was a poignant and powerful take on what it would be lo blacks in the south were born into slavery and new no other place and legally were property but this man was a free man and it was poignant message of having your life as you know it lost and becoming less valuable than anything and working "like a slave". It's a different take on how to truly was an amazing thing that human beings could do that to other human beings. I feel the picture was amazing. If anything the controversy to me was why it was the best supporting actress. I think Fassbender's performance was a better supporting performance. And when it comes to best actor I wasn't sure between 12 years and buyers club but perhaps that was the emotion and empathy, mcconaghey deserved it.

  • "12 Years a Slave" deserved to win it's Oscar.

    "12 Years a Slave" is an amazing movie and portrays a great story. I think it more than deserved the Oscar it wont for Best Picture. I honestly do not see why there is an controversy over winning this award at all. It depicted a real story about something that actually happened in an amazing way.

  • Yes, it did

    Yes it did cause it was good. It was real good. I really liked it. Iliked it a lot. I think most people liked it. Did you like it. I hope you did cause it was good. I like when people like the things I like. Don't you? Yeah, me too.

  • Yes, that movie accurately portrayed the life of slavery.

    Yes, this movie put the tragedy of slavery in to the viewpoint of the modern society. It pulls on the heartstrings of all people regardless of race. This movie tastefully summed up an era of American history that no one is proud of. It said all the words of those silenced by slavery.

  • 12 Years a Slave" deserve to win the Oscar for Best Picture

    12 Years a Slave deserves to win the Oscar for Best Picture it was a very good emotionally charged film . I enjoyed the film and the performances and thought that it did earn the right to win best picture. They are trying to make people aware of a world we once lived in and still today sometimes do.

  • The film deserved to win, so it did.

    Well, here we are the day after the Oscars have been handed out. And I can say with perfect hindsight that yes, 12 Years A Slave deserved its Academy Award for Best Picture. The acting was superb, as was the directing and photography. Apparently the people whose opinions really matter thought so, too.

  • It wouldn't have been my pick.

    12 Years a Slave is a well made, and well directed film. But, I would've liked to see Her or Nebraska win. Both of these are original and very creative films, and it would've been nice to see one of them win. However, as usual, the Academy went for the "safe" route, a film nobody will willingly say anything bad about or risk coming off as a racist.

  • This film was very boring.

    I do think the acting was brilliant, had a very good cast. But the story was really boring, the whole film was dull! I think people just liked it more because of the cast and what it stood for, then what it actually was as a film. Wouldn't see it again, too slow - overrated hype. Great message, but as a film not so great.

  • No, 12 Years A Slave did not deserve the Oscar.

    I do not believe that 12 Years A Slave deserved to win the Oscar for the Best Picture. I thought the film itself wasn't that bad. But I didn't think it was as great as most people were making it out to be. I think that a film like American Hustle was better.

  • It only won it because of its storyline

    It only won it because it's about black American slaves. Now, Of course, It's got to win because if it didn't it would be racist because that's what society is today. Dallas Byers Club won best actor and best supporting actor and still didn't win best picture because of 12 Years A Slave. I think it's wrong that it only won because it's about black American slaves it should be based on how good of a movie it was.

  • Not good enough

    The movie was good but not as good as the other contenders. Unfortunately the producers and film studio seemed to guilt the academy into voting for it. I've read more than one actor saying there was an almost unwritten code that said if you didn't vote for it you were somehow racist. That's just political correctness being used as a weapon.

  • Best Picture? No way!

    This film came out it was one of the strongest years film has had in a long time, and, to put it simply, it as mediocre at best. It was just another Oscar bait film feeding off from Caucasian guilt and America's need to feel politically correct. Dallas Buyers Club was a beautiful example of a how a film like this can be made without feeling preachy.

  • Seriously not worth it

    I am just telling this from a viewers perspective. The movie was just about nothing at all, except some references of the past, and some dramatic incidents kept in between scenes to show people hat this is a good drama. If they had said the story plainly, may be then it would have been a good movie. But considering the other Oscar Contenders, I seriously doubt if this movie was worth the Oscar for best picture!

  • This film did not deserve it at all!

    This film is essentially torture porn. Its a harrowing experience, and one that leaves you completely empty at the end of the day. It is two hours of torture, and that is basically it. I think Gravity was a much better film, and will be remembered long after 12 years a slave is forgotten.

  • I was good, but not best picture worthy

    I thought that the acting was great, but the message seemed so played out before it ended and you just thought, okay slavery is bad we get it and wanted it to be over. It wasn't really that compelling to me and I was disappointed with the lack of spirit the critics said the movie had

  • No, The film didn't deserve to win.

    It was clearly made for the sole purposes of winning an Oscar. A film should win on its own. Not because its made to be a "winner". Frankly if any movie should have won. It was Wolf of Wall-street. Its a crime that some film that's sole goal was to "Win" just because of its subject matter, and not because it was any good.

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nightwish701 says2014-07-18T14:45:35.147
Yes it deserved for this year. It was a great movie with fantastic actors and actresses. The director of the film is also interesting person. He is a young , talanted filmmaker and i think it was a big success for him too. To my mind the theme of slavery is still sensitive for people. So the story of Solomon Northup was really interesting for me.

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