Did 9/11 cause a revolution in how we view terrorism?

Asked by: WolfTerrorists
  • Bush and his lies

    Technically Jet fuel cant melt steel beams so Bush kind of had a big part of 9/11. Think of it this way, he be locking himself away from the media and the world, so this makes America corrupt, destroying themselves. Justlisten, listen to everyone around, the word is spreading, you're cornered Bush, got nowhere to run.

  • Yes it did

    America has closed it's doors and locked them since 9/11
    If there is going to be trouble, it will happen abroad. The US is lucky in this regard because it is isolated geographically from 'Muslim' nations.
    Imagine if Syria was Mexico. What kind of an overflow would that have caused. American foreign policy is now flexible and unconcerned because it has effectively wrapped itself in cotton wool . Do you honestly think that Americans care about Europe being overrun with an Islamic epidemic which was directly caused by half cocked American intervention. Terrorism in America is now kept at arms length, that is 'abroad'.

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