• It absolutely did

    The way Americans viewed the rest of the world substantially changed after the twin towers were destroyed. The nation soon went to war, there was an increase in patriotism, and airlines suddenly completely changed their policies around the world. It could be argued that 9/11 affected everyone in some way or another. Everyone has the possibility of another attack in the back of their minds.

  • Because it changed some peoples lives but not all

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  • Have you looked at the facts

    People have changed a lot of things have changed they have changed based on things that have happened in the past 9/11 was in the past. 1 thing I know that has changed is we don't have twin towers anymore. They were there when 9/11 happened and no one has built them again.

  • Of course it did

    Before 9/11 there was no department of homeland security, little airport security and no TSA. 9/11 made America realize we were not invincible and made us re-think what we were doing to protect ourselves. Our eyes were opened to terrorism. 9/11 made us realize how little we were actually doing to protect our country .

  • The world will never be the same

    It changed the way we live. Changed the way we view the world. There is no turning back now, we can only hope that truth and justice will ultimately prevail. America will never get past this tragedy unless we just accept the truth. We have been lied to and we must as a people not give in to the lies and fight back for what is ours: our freedom and liberties. Only then will we heal.
    We just have to believe that good will prevail.

  • 9/11 changed everything and people are terrified.

    I think 9/11 changed everything because now our world is getting so bad that people are just fearing to go to work because people are getting stabbed on the street, or they're scared that it could happen again at their work. Our security can't protect everything in this world and you never know what's going to happen.

  • Look at our Security

    America's security is increased ten-fold in airports and are now forced to use strict security laws, and I have been to an airport recently, and there is strict laws, even for children. You are watched in almost every angle, also, if there is even a single mention of the WORD terrorist, guard will immediately arrest you.

  • Yes, It did

    9/11 happened to US without nuclear weapons. How lucky we were! Before 9/11, we thought that we were the number one country in the world with the strongest army, wealthy and political power. But after the twin building collapsed, our though was changed, too. We have more enemies than we think and their facilities are enough to do whatever they want. Moreover, not only enemies in attacking physically, spies who hijack, steal the secret information or take control of a military system must be considered in black list seriously.

  • Of course 9/11 changed everything.

    September 11th forever and completely changed our country as we know it. Aside from Pearl Harbor, we had never been attacked on our own soil. We used to feel safe and sound as a nation and 9/11 changed that forever. It spawned the Patriot Act and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Changed EVERYTHING? Seriously?

    Those who do not know their history are deemed to repeat it. 9/11 did not change EVERYTHING, the American people have been through worse times. It may have changed a lot of what we're used to in the 21st century, but the change is more of a reversion to many fears and issues that we have had in the past. If you felt completely safe and sound before 9/11, then you sir/ma'am, are ignorant.

  • 9/11 changed US policy towards Afghanistan, and increased our position in Iraq

    Before 9/11 there was terrorism, hijacking, turmoil in the Middle East, US involvement in wars in the middle East, and even terrorist attacks targeting the World Trade Center (8 years prior to 9/11, which is closer in time than 9/11 to now -- 2103). 9/11 was a brilliant strategic move by Al Qaeda, but it did not 'change everything' -- what would that mean anyway? Even the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn't "change everything" -- things changed after both events but not "everything".

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