Did a God create the universe, and if not, what did? (You can list examples pertaining to the Big Bang [or whatever else you believe.])

Asked by: MizzEnigma
  • Definitely was by God

    Science simply ignores God's existence because that is what science is about. One of science main characteristics is that it is nonreligious. The most popular theory that explains why and how the universe was created was by a big bang. When making these spurious claims, science, because they can not find a concrete answer( and the answer is probably very complex), they say for everyone to simply have faith in their theory without much evidence or anything that would support such claim to support it. However, saying "just have faith in it" or "simply believe it" is not enough for someone to be convinced that a such truly spectacular event happened. Here's the loopholes for the scientist's claims: Nothingness somehow created the universe. You can't explain nothingness. You may immediately think of a dark, black world, but a dark, black world is something. This is why there has to be a God in order to explain why such impossible events took place. Many argue that the origin of God needs to be explained in order to confirm this theory, too. However, this is simply not true. If this God is just another cause of the evolution of the Universe, then it, too, would have to be explained, but this case is special: God is what a theologian would consider a "descendant," or something fundamentally different from what is created. Think about it: Why would expert translators go out of there way to translate versions of the bible from several different languages if every claim in there was a myth. Now, many claim that the bible was written by men, but several different verses in the bible say that everything you read in the bible is "breathed out" by god. In other words, the words written were written by men, but all the words were influenced by god. Other arguments say that the bible, because translated and there are many different versions of the bible, the meaning of the bible is lost. However, this, yet again, is untrue. Maybe the bible isn't perfect and it could be translated better or it is missing a few commas here are there, but the main context is unchanged. It doesn't matter what version you read and what language it is written in, the main context is the same. People think that science is always right and relies on it strictly for their irrefutable information. However, everything in science is reliable, but uncorfirmed and open for further examination. The theories for evolution can't be tested and can only go as far as to be called a theory; it can't go any farther.

  • Its the only probable origin of the universe.

    Without a supernatural being with an infinite existence, the universe could not have been caused, because a cause within this universe would require another cause, leading to infinite regression. Since there has to be a first cause for there to be preceding causes, the cause of the universe must be an infinite being.

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  • The universe was not created by a god.

    People created origin stories long ago, when they did not have any explanations for the things such as environmental phenomenon, or in this case, the beginning of the universe. It is true that we still don't know nearly all of the details pertaining to this. However, it has become clear through time and humanity's explorations that as we find more explanations as to how natural events occur, old beliefs about those fade. For example, the Maya believed that bloodletting rituals during droughts, usually with their war captives, would convince their deities to send rain. Today, we know how weather works, so a belief like that is seen by most as just silly. As we learn more through science, venerated gods of the past become myths. There's no reason for the beginning of the universe to be any different. There are already good explanations, though they haven't yet been perfected, and although we haven't yet figured out everything, it is no reason to assume that one's god or gods did it simply because we don't yet know everything about it for sure. It is a common thing for humans to assume the unknown must have occurred because of the supernatural.

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