Did a history of homelessness and poverty cause Lakeisha Holloway to act out in the Las Vegas pedestrian incident?

  • This woman has c-ptsd

    C-PTSD is similar to PTSD, which is, thankfully, finally getting some attention, because it affects so many veterans. C-PTSD is a mental disorder, yet to be officially classified, which is the cause of so much anguish and tragedy in this world. This normally caring, responsible woman snapped and disassociated completely out of her right mind. One day, mental illness will get the proper attention it deserves and the human race will begin to advance in beautiful ways. Until then, we, the human race, repeat the violence and trauma we've suffered as children. This isn't an excuse to kill people, but it is the reason this happened. It wasn't the poverty and homelessness alone. However, it was the trauma that the poverty, homelessness, alcohol, violence, neglect, etc., that Lakeisha Holloway grew up with that led to this tragedy. Her tolerance for stress lowered, she literally boiled over and lost her mind after being repeatedly screamed at to get out of multiple parking lots. It wasn't morality, or a failure to appreciate life. It was a mental imbalance that currently has no real cure, or enough of our attention.

  • Poverty might have been a root cause, but it's no excuse

    Lakeisha Holloway has obviously led a troubled life, plagued by homelessness and poverty. However, this doesn't excuse her from responsibility for her actions. Should leniency be practiced in sentencing? I hope so. But that doesn't mean she can't be held responsible for her actions, no matter what the root causes.

  • Mental illness can easily fly under the radar among the poor.

    Such an erratic and reckless crime perpetrated against total strangers with no apparent motive along with her small child in the vehicle is a clear indicator of mental illness. While poverty and homelessness do not necessarily cause mental illness, they can definitely exacerbate troubling symptoms and the structures of early detection and treatment are not available to the destitute, meaning the condition can spiral out of control.

  • No, poverty does not force people to behave violently.

    No, a history of homelessness and poverty did not cause Lakeisha Holloway to act out in the Las Vegas pedestrian incident. A lack of morality and a failure to appreciate the value of human life is what allows someone to commit such a heinous act, and neither morality nor basic decency are dependent upon a person's financial status.

  • No, her financial situation was not the reason why she did what she did.

    I see no reason why her homelessness and poverty would lead her to do what she did. There are hundreds of thousands of homeless people in the United States who are much worse off than her and have never done such a thing. She had a car to live in.

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