• Yes, he played within the rules of the tournament to win

    Much has been made about Adam Scott's long putter, which he braces against his body when putting. No matter what you think about the advantage granted by such equipment, there's no doubt that Scott's putter is within the current rules. Therefore, he deserves his Masters win as much as anybody who has won the tournament in the past.

  • Yes Adam Scott deserved to win the Masters

    Yes, Adam Scott has proven himself to be the best golfer playing professionally nowadays, and after winning a close battle he clearly deserves to win the Masters. Mr. Scott is a great golfer, and has won a tournament that includes today's best professional golfers and in doing so deserves to win the Masters.

  • Sure, he did

    Sure, I would agree that Adam Scott completely deserved to win the Masters. The Masters is a very competitive and very hard golf tournament. To get to the Masters is a feat all in itself. Adam Scott proved to push past all of the other golfers and gained victory at the end.

  • Yes, the Masters is a tough tournament to win.

    The Masters is one of golf's most prestigious tournaments, and anybody who is able to come out of it with a victory should be celebrated. One of the many reasons that golf is such a great game is that anybody can win on any given weekend. For this tournament weekend, Adam Scott was the best player in the game, and deserves as much praise as any golfer who has donned the green jacket.

  • People change the Masters!!

    People should not be able to call in and do the officials job. If the officials missed something then they miss it. It is their fault if they missed it. Tiger Woods should have won if it weren't for people calling in that's completely unfair I may be biased but if people called in and changed the Masters then people can call in on the Super Bowl or the World Series. That's why he should not have won.

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